A domains is the virtual address of your online project. If you are eager to achieve a good ranking, the correct choice of your domain name is essential. We are happy to consult you if you have any trouble choosing the right domain.

We also regisiter “exotic” domains for you, please get in touch.

Domain EUR/Year* EUR Setup
.at, from 20,00 0,00
.biz from 12,60 0,00 from 13,00 0,00
.com from 12,34 0,00
.ch from 20,00 0,00
.de from 5,04 3,00
.es from 20,00 0,00
.eu from 10,08 0,00
.info from 14,45 0,00
.mobi from 21,00 0,00
.me from 18,00 0,00
.net ab 12,55 0,00
.org from 13,85 0,00
.tv from 40,00 0,00

*For all domain products the minimum contract duration is 1 year.

For companies and freelancers within the EU no I.G.I.C. (Impuesto General Indirecto Canario) will be charged. Not for private individuals. For companies outside of the EU local tax regulations will apply.

Some domain namea are only available at a special rate set by the registrar company.